Embarking on the renovation journey of a splendid villa nestled in Luzern, our project was fueled by the aspiration to seamlessly merge neoclassical and modern elements within the architectural canvas. Originally erected in the 1990s, this villa boasts a striking fusion of classical aesthetics and contemporary features, characterized by grey stone wall cladding, crema marfil floors, stucco ceilings, and a touch of modern American cherry wainscoting.

TypeResidential, Villa
Area800 m²

Our discerning clients, an Asian family deeply enamored with the neoclassical style, envisioned a harmonious blend of sophistication and functionality. With a bustling household comprising six children ranging from 4 to 16 years old, their wishes included a revamped and efficient kitchen, an additional children’s bedroom, and the modernization of bathrooms and the swimming pool area.


The overarching goal was to retain the villa’s opulent materials while elevating the prominence of the neoclassical style ingrained in its internal architecture.In pursuit of this vision, our restyling and design concept were meticulously crafted to breathe new life into the villa.

The transformation sought not only to enhance the aesthetic allure but also to cater to the practical needs of a dynamic family. The result is a resplendent residence, a poetic haven, meticulously designed to fulfill the dreams of a family that reveres beauty, nature and art.