In the heart of Zurich, Martinuzzi Interiors proudly unveils the ‘Renaissance’ project—a testament to our commitment to harmoniously blend the old and the new, creating an elegant symphony of style. To freshen the look of this warm, cozy apartment while keeping the spirit of its particular character, a cautious hand, and discerning eye were necessary. We set out to create a harmonious setting that would allow the owner’s huge collection of paintings and antiques to shine in their full glory.
Using a palette of delicate pastel colors, we created a subtle elegance through customized interior design that serves as the perfect backdrop for the collection’s traditional creativity. The gentle colors added a revitalizing freshness to the area without detracting from the character of the existing interior features.
TypeResidential, Apartment
Area180 m²
ServicesRestyling, Interior Design
In this project, the selection of new furnishings was important. We deliberately selected new objects that would complement the old antiques. These modifications, while modern, have a timeless beauty that complements the art pieces’ classicism.
The ‘Renaissance’ project is more than a restyling; it’s an homage to the past, breathing new life into the present. The deliberate mix of the modern and the old is not just a design choice; it’s a narrative that unfolds in every corner of the apartment, telling a story of continuity and evolution.