Building a family villa is an art, and Uphill stands as a testament to our dedication to blending practicality and beauty seamlessly. At Martinuzzi, we understand the unique needs of a family home – a space where functionality and elegance coexist harmoniously. Uphill was conceptualized with the goal of creating a refuge for families, where thoughtful design and consideration for children’s needs take center stage.
One of the most important requirements we received for this project was the incorporation of an open-plan kitchen and living area. We recognize the importance of this concept in creating a family’s epicenter – a location that merges meals and relaxation, fostering connection and serving as a hub for family activities. Our skilled team of architects and interior designers specializes in creating open floor plans that maximize space utilization and create a smooth flow throughout your home
TypeResidential, Apartment
Area600 m²
ServicesNew Construction, Interior Design
Neubau - MFH - Richterswil - schwarze Küche, Feinsteinzeug, Fra
Understanding the unique needs of families, our designers at Martinuzzi effectively incorporated ingenious storage solutions into Uphill. We recognize that efficiency and practicality are essential, and our designs ensure that your space remains organized and clutter-free. Every element is thoughtfully considered to enhance the functionality of the home, making it a place where daily life unfolds with ease.
As Uphill rises in Richterswil, it symbolizes more than just a construction project; it embodies our commitment to creating spaces that resonate with the rhythm of family life. Beyond the bricks and mortar, Uphill is a celebration of thoughtful design, where every room tells a story of functionality and elegance. Welcome to Uphill, where the journey of family living takes center stage, and every step is an ascent towards a harmonious and beautiful home.
Neubau - MFH - Richterswil - Burghaldenstrasse 43