Martinuzzi Interior Designs takes pleasure in providing the best interior design services in Meilen that are suited to our client’s demands and budgets. Our method begins with a thorough consultation, which allows us to obtain an in-depth understanding of our client’s needs and preferences. We set out on a journey to build a genuinely extraordinary living space that integrated luxury, design, and functionality for the Beyond project in Meilen, Switzerland.

To bring our client’s idea to life, we started by creating a mood board that visualized the space’s concept. We ensured a personalized touch in every aspect of the design by including the client’s color choices, preferred textures, and material selection.

Inspired by the renowned elegance of Italian design, our expert team systematically designed a collection of furnishings and accessories that stemmed from sophistication.

Type Residential, Apartment
Year 2021
Size 200 m2
Services Restyling, Interior Design
Location Meilen

Despite the project’s complexity, our dedicated team, led by Barbara, an award-winning interior designer in Meilen, completed it brilliantly in less than a month. Barbara’s knowledge and attention to detail ensured that every part of the design was thoroughly researched and implemented. The end product was a modern yet welcoming environment that exceeded our client’s expectations.

We encourage you to look through our portfolio and see the transforming potential of our designs for yourself. With our commitment to providing the greatest interior design services in Meilen, we are dedicated to designing places that are not only visually attractive but also personalized to your specific needs and tastes.

Contact us today to discover the Martinuzzi difference and begin your journey to elevate your living spaces to new levels of luxury.