Martinuzzi Interior Designs is your one-stop shop for quality interior design services in Altendorf, Switzerland. We are proud to present Cocoon, our exceptional project, as part of our dedication to providing the best in interior design.

Cocoon is a tribute to our collaborative work with Saota Architects, as we were entrusted with designing the interiors of this spectacular villa set in the beautiful countryside of Altendorf. We aimed to design an incredible living area that blends the villa’s powerful architectural style with exceptional interior features and distinctive shapes. Cocoon exemplifies the harmonic combination of architectural brilliance and compelling aesthetics, with a focus on full home interior design

Type Residential, Villa
Year 2019
Size 350 m2
Services Interior Design
Location Altendorf

Cocoon’s appeal stems not just from its stunning architectural characteristics, but also from the perfect integration of our high-end design services. Our expertise in full-service home interior design allowed us to create a united and harmonious living environment in which each space tells its own story while retaining a unified aesthetic throughout.

Among the many distinguishing aspects of Cocoon are its enormous windows, which flood the rooms with natural light and provide spectacular views of the surrounding landscape. Martinuzzi Interiors created a stunning dark color scheme that was expertly placed against the light travertine stone floor, drawing inspiration from this intrinsic beauty. This deliberate contrast not only adds depth and drama but also sets the stage for Altendorf’s best interior design, which enhances the overall mood of this extraordinary villa