park tower

Park Tower: Elegant and Multifunctional Office Interior Design in Zug

The office spaces in the new Park Tower building were designed by Martinuzzi, the renowned Zug interior design firm, with the goal of creating elegant and multifunctional offices that matched the company’s distinction. The client desired that the existing finishes and materials be included in the design, ensuring a cohesive and harmonious appearance across the entire building.

Our client’s objective was to create attractive and flexible offices that properly reflected their company’s prominence. Martinuzzi, the best interior design company in Zug, Switzerland, designated a team of talented designers to methodically construct a design idea with this in mind. We were able to smoothly combine the existing finishes and materials while instilling a sense of elegance and contemporary appeal.

Type Commercial, Office
Year 2016
Size 140 m2
Services Interior Design
Location Zug
Park Tower

We believe that the appropriate color palette can change a space, and our expertise in Zug interior design prompted us to choose a compelling color palette for Park Tower. The base was a rich, dark brown that oozed luxury and glory. This primary-color suited the venue’s background colors nicely, merging in smoothly with its current aesthetic. We introduced greige, a neutral tone that blended well with dark brown, to create depth and warmth. These colors were chosen with care to convey the client’s status while also creating a modern and inviting working atmosphere.

Our office interior design philosophy is based on functionality and adaptability. Martinuzzi, the leading provider of the best office interior design in Zug, precisely structured the arrangement to create multifunctional workstations, recognizing the different needs of employees. To maximize efficiency and facilitate seamless communication, collaborative areas, private meeting rooms, and individual workstations were carefully positioned.

Park Tower