Martinuzzi, Switzerland’s best interior design company is known for providing the highest level of competence in interior design solutions. With a persistent commitment to transforming places into compelling havens that elegantly mix comfort and style, our portfolio attests to our unrivaled competence. Among our most recent projects is the magnificent “Pearl,” a showcase of the best interior design in Erlenbach, a picturesque town near Zurich.

Pearl illustrates our commitment to designing places that express sensitivity, purity, and clarity. The precise selection of cream, beige and brown colors, paired with various textures, instills an undeniable sense of tranquility and harmony in this little flat in Erlenbach. The light-colored furniture’s sleek lines and gentle shapes highlight the modern design, conveying refinement and elegance.

Our Erlenbach home design showcases the perfect fusion of comfort and style, creating a remarkable living space that inspires relaxation and refreshment.

Type Residential, Apartment
Year 2021 – 2023
Size 200 m2
Services New Construction, Interior Design
Location Erlenbach

The stark contrast between the upper and lower floor is one of Pearl’s identifying characteristics. With its dark colors and dim lighting, the basement creates a lounge environment ideal for private parties and cozy evenings. The upper level, on the other hand, features light natural stone floors that, when paired with the chosen colors, provide a sense of lightness, and relaxation, and further lighten the spaces.

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