Customized Interior Design by Martinuzzi Interiors

Sky Blue

Welcome to the exquisite project, Sky Blue, a magnificent apartment showcasing our expertise in customized interior designing in Dottikon, Switzerland. This luxurious property, spanning 350 square meters, is a true masterpiece divided over two floors.

The design concept for Sky Blue, one of our exceptional luxury properties, revolves around creating a comfortable and opulent ambiance tailored to the unique preferences of its inhabitants. With the advantage of large windows, we seamlessly incorporated a dark color palette, skillfully playing with different shades to accentuate the volume of the building.

Type Residential, Penthouse
Year 2016
Size 360 m2
Services Interior Design
Location Dottikon

We understand the importance of personalization. Each space in Sky Blue has been meticulously tailored to meet the specific wishes and lifestyles of its residents. From the grand living area to the cozy bedrooms, every element has been thoughtfully designed and curated.

Sky Blue exemplifies the epitome of luxury properties. Through our expertise in customized interior design, we have transformed this apartment into a haven of refinement and sophistication. Allow us to transform your dream home into a reality, where comfort meets elegance and every aspect is tailored to perfection. Contact us today to discuss how we can bring your vision to life and create an extraordinary living space just for you.