Sunset: Villa Restyling in Oberwil by Martinuzzi Interior Design

Martinuzzi Interior Design’s Sunset project demonstrates our competence in partially restyling a villa’s living and dining areas. As the leading interior design firm in Oberwil, Switzerland, we have successfully produced a light and modern setting that precisely matches the entire family’s demands. We have converted this area into a refuge of comfort and style with grace and sophistication.

We converted the living and dining areas into serene havens by carefully selecting soft materials and a pastel color palette. Every feature of this elegantly restyled area demonstrates our dedication to great Interior Design in Oberwil.

Each piece of furniture was handpicked by the best interior design company in Oberwil to easily fit into the environment, reflecting the element of light while keeping the design aesthetic. This mix resulted in a genuinely harmonious area that embodied the homeowners’ desire of a joyous, modern setting.

Type Residential, House
Year 2018
Size 140 m2
Services Restyling, Interior Design
Location Oberwil