Martinuzzi Interior Designs is a high-end residential interior design firm in Zurich where luxury meets sophistication. Our passion is developing customized interiors that represent our discerning clients’ individual tastes and preferences. Our latest project, Sapphire, was situated in Zurich, Switzerland.

Drawing inspiration from the calm peace of the adjacent lake, we have carefully produced customized interior designs in Zurich that seamlessly merge beige tones with shades of blues and greens throughout the space. These soothing colors provide a sense of tranquility and a smooth connection between the interior and its surroundings.

Type Residential, Penthouse
Year 2021
Size 500 m2
Services Renovation, Interior Design
Location Zurich

Sapphire’s lighting is nothing short of breathtaking. Our professional designers have precisely picked an array of lighting fixtures that illuminate the room while emphasizing its luxurious interiors. Sapphire is an attractive and stylish haven thanks to the carefully constructed lighting design that enhances architectural features, illuminates key sections, and creates the tone.

If you are looking for high-end residential interior design in Zurich that is tailored to your own tastes and preferences, we invite you to discover the world of Martinuzzi Interior Designs.

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