Chalet I

Chalet I, nestled in the picturesque landscape of Klosters, underwent a transformative renovation by Martinuzzi, bringing together a blend of earthy tones and modern upgrades. The design philosophy behind Chalet I was to seamlessly marry earthy tones with modern upgrades, creating an environment that exudes both modesty and a sense of security.
TypeResidential, Chalet
Area120 m²
ServicesRenovation, Interior Design
In this project, we did our best to preserve the natural beauty of this house. By incorporating the aluminum gray furniture with wooden stairs, we kept the lively nature of this chalet preserved. The pastel color wooden floor further adds to the overall look of the home interior and also respects that feeling of nature.
For the Kitchen, we opted for a more sleek and elegant look. To achieve this, we added wooden work for the kitchen cabinets and furnished them with steel countertops. Also, the coffee-brown woodwork compliments the oyster pink tiles and elevates the look and feel of it. Overall, we were able to achieve harmony in the interior design and style of this house.
In every corner of Chalet I, the result is a symphony of harmony. From the understated elegance of the living spaces to the revitalized kitchen and preserved natural beauty, each element contributes to an overall design that is both timeless and inviting
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