In the quiet enclave of Oberwil, Martinuzzi unveils the Sunset project — a testament to our proficiency in the art of partially restyling a villa’s living and dining areas. This endeavor showcases not just a transformation but a harmonious symphony of light and modernity tailored to precisely meet the demands of an entire family. With grace and sophistication, we have converted this space into a refuge of comfort and style.
A carefully selected pastel color palette and soft materials were the brushes we wielded to paint a canvas of tranquility. Each element in this elegantly restyled space reflects not only our dedication but also our commitment to crafting environments that resonate with comfort.
Each piece of furniture was handpicked to easily fit into the environment, reflecting the element of light while keeping the design aesthetic. This mix resulted in a genuinely harmonious area that embodied the homeowners’ desire of a joyous, modern setting.
TypeResidential, Chalet
Area140 m²
ServicesRestyling, Interior Design
Sunset is more than a project; it’s an invitation to experience the artistry of living, where every detail is a brushstroke on the canvas of comfort and sophistication. Martinuzzi invites you to step into a realm where each transformation is a celebration of light, style, and the profound beauty of interior design