Weinberg Villa

The Weinberg project comes to life in Zurich’s stunning cityscape as the personification of perfect taste and outstanding style. This residential villa is not merely a structure, it is an extraordinary transformation that harmonizes subtlety and sophistication..
The mix of subtlety and sophistication guided our approach to the Weinberg villa. The previous architectural components were not overshadowed, but rather emphasized, resulting in an encounter between old and modern. The project was an experiment in creating a modern, elegant atmosphere that respects and embraces the villa’s distinct character.
TypeResidential, Villa
Area600 m²
ServicesRestyling, Interior Design
LocationErlenbach ZH
Bespoke design solutions are an important aspect of our Zurich interior design services. We commissioned handcrafted pieces for the Weinberg project that were unique to the property, giving a sense of personalized class.
The handcrafted pieces seamlessly blended with the villa’s existing character and grace, enhancing its aesthetic appeal without compromising its unique identity. This commitment to preserving the essence of the property while infusing modern elegance is a defining feature of Martinuzzi’s design philosophy.
As we reflect on the Weinberg project, we invite you to experience the magic that is Martinuzzi. Crafting stories, one space at a time, where each project is not just a design endeavor but a journey to uncover the unique narrative of each space. The Weinberg villa is a chapter in this story, a chapter that exemplifies the perfect blend of taste, style, and the timeless touch of Martinuzzi.