Our most recent project is the renovation of a magnificent Villa in Zurich, where we have begun an ambitious expansion that adds two new levels. These levels have been meticulously planned to maximize living space and meet every requirement. 

The magnificent living and dining room, which provides a seamless blend of design and functionality, is located on one level. The second floor contains a luxury sleeping area with three huge bedrooms and their respective baths. 

The goal of this design is to create an atmosphere that reflects modernity, practicality, and an appealing and highly functional aesthetic setting. We strive to give the best home design interior solutions with our expertise in high-end residential interior design, transforming this Villa into the ultimate lavish living.

Type Residential, Villa
Year 2022 – 2023
Size 600 m2
Services New Construction, Interior Design
Location Wollerau (SZ)

In addition to increasing the Villa’s living and sleeping areas, we have taken luxury to the next level by installing a spectacular spa and gym facility on the floor below. This dedicated facility is intended to provide a heaven for relaxation and rejuvenation, replete with modern comforts and a serene ambiance. A big room complements the spa and gym space and is ideal for relaxing and entertaining guests. Furthermore, as Zurich interior design experts, we have ensured a distinct room specifically for visitors, ensuring privacy and comfort for those who visit the magnificent Villa. Because of our rigorous attention to detail and dedication to high-end home interior design, we have been able to create a setting that seamlessly merges luxury, functionality, and aesthetic appeal.

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