Atlantis isn’t just a commercial project; it’s a testament to exceptional architecture and interior design, a symphony of form and function that culminates in the creation of an extraordinary bar lounge. Located in the vibrant locale of Pfäffikon, this endeavor is a celebration of harmonious design and optimal color schemes that elevate the art of enjoyment.
Atlantis interior design is the ideal setting for a superb bar lounge. A harmonic design sense combined with the optimum color schemes creates an excellent environment in which people may enjoy their refreshments and ambiance.
TypeCommercial, Bar-Lounge
Area200 m²
ServicesInterior Design
The terracotta brown tone of the wood is a signature element that imparts a distinct taste to Atlantis’s spatial design. It’s not just a color, it’s a statement that defines the character of the lounge. This thoughtful choice adds depth and warmth, contributing to the overall richness of the space.
As a commercial interior design project, Atlantis goes beyond the ordinary. Each detail, from the layout of seating to the selection of materials, reflects a commitment to excellence. Optimal color schemes are not just chosen; they are tailored to create an excellent environment, ensuring that every visit to Atlantis is a sensory experience.