la marina

La Marina

La Marina stands as a pinnacle among the countless exceptional projects that grace our recent portfolio. This residential villa, located in the serene locale of Hurden, is a testament to our commitment to crafting spaces that transcend the ordinary.
La Marina’s interior design produced the right environment for an outstanding residence. A balanced design style mixed with the best hues creates an excellent place where people can take a break and enjoy the ambiance. The granite floor adds a distinctive character to the already well-defined interior design of La Marina. The Exquisite Kitchen and countertops spice up the whole vibe of the building to the next level.
TypeResidential, Villa
Area600 m²
ServicesRenovation, Interior Design
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In this project, we incorporated a beautiful terrace on the lakefront. It serves 3 main functions; a shade for beautiful outdoor dining, a terrace, and enhancing the whole charm of the villa. Paired with a swimming pool and an outdoor kitchen, these features seamlessly blend with the villa’s interior design, creating a harmonious fusion that is truly artistic work by Martinuzzi.
As architects and interior designers, we don’t just create buildings, we craft timeless spaces. La Marina is a testament to this philosophy, an embodiment of our dedication to excellence. Martinuzzi invites you to step into a realm where each project is a work of art, and each space is a canvas waiting to be transformed.
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