Pietra Nobile

Step into a journey into the heart of Switzerland, where Pietra Nobile, a jewel among our standout projects, redefines the essence of modern luxury within the walls of a lavish villa. This project exemplifies the ideal combination of modern architecture with exquisite luxury, resulting in a home that oozes elegance and refinement.
This villa nestled in Horgen, was addressed with great attention to detail and a vision to enhance its current features while adding a touch of on-the-button luxury. Our design process focused on creating a unique color and material idea that suited the modern architecture of this luxurious home while also complementing its individual characteristics, such as the enticing cowhide wallpaper and the slick cement flooring.
TypeResidential, Villa
Area350 m²
ServicesRestyling, Interior Design
We diligently curated a neutral color palette to achieve the intended style, which acts as a versatile foundation for future developments while allowing the existing features to shine. We artistically harmonized the contrast of contemporary and historic components by combining warm and cool grey tones with the pre-existing materials, resulting in a harmonic re-modernization that transformed the house into a refined and sophisticated living environment.
As Pietra Nobile stands as a testament to the intersection of contemporary design and timeless elegance, it transforms the concept of a living environment. Every corner tells a story of meticulous curation, where the past meets the present in a dance of sophistication.
Welcome to Pietra Nobile, where the art of living is redefined, and every moment is an immersion in the luxurious tapestry of refined design. The story of this villa continues to unfold in Horgen, an ode to the seamless integration of modernity and timeless allure.