Raggio di Sole

This residential villa, nestled in the heart of Rüschlikon, not only showcases our design prowess but also highlights our ability to tailor our services to meet the unique needs of each individual client.
The Raggio di Sole project, led by our excellent interior designer, Barbara, exemplifies our commitment to excellence and our ability to suit the needs of each individual client. This project presented us with an exciting challenge because our customer demanded its realization in a remarkably short timeline of only 14 days.
TypeResidential, Villa
Area300 m²
ServicesInterior Design
Raggio di Sole was not just a project; it was a challenge eagerly embraced by our team at Martinuzzi Interior Designs in Rüschlikon. The client’s demanding timeline of 14 days added an element of excitement to the endeavor. Our client’s brief called for renovating the property while retaining its original elegance and classicism, which added to the appeal of the project. We added a touch of elegance and sophistication to every aspect of this Rüschlikon property because of our significant experience in developing marvelous interiors.
The idea was to modernize the space while maintaining the original charm and classical style of the house. Barbara designed a range of furniture and lighting fixtures that flawlessly integrated modern features with the timeless beauty of classicism, thanks to her outstanding eye for design. The end effect was a harmonious combination of old and new, producing a compelling environment that screamed luxury.
The Raggio di Sole project was carefully built with the property’s wonderful position, straight on the Lake of Zürich, in mind. As the sun sets over Lake Zürich, Raggio di Sole continues to illuminate the path for future projects, inviting you to experience the epitome of design and luxury in the heart of Rüschlikon. Welcome to a residence where every detail is a brushstroke in the canvas of luxury living.